Welco understands the incredible resource potash is to the Canadian economy...

The Power of Potash

As a company providing sales and service to the potassium chloride (potash) industry for over 50 years, Welco understands the incredible resource potash is to the Canadian economy and the positive impact it has on communities across the globe.

Primarily utilized in the production of fertilizers to support plant growth, increase crop yields, and enhance water preservation, Canadian produced potash is an essential resource, especially with severe weather events, like droughts, occurring on a more frequent basis.

An essential resource

Crops around the world rely on potash for healthy growth. As a critical ingredient in fertilizer, potash improves crop yields by increasing resistance to disease and improving water retention. Without potash, crops would suffer resulting in decreased food production. 95 per cent of the world’s potash is utilized in farming to fertilize global food supplies. In addition, potash is a vital component in feed supplements used for the development of healthy livestock and enhanced milk production.

An economic driver

Potash production is a critical part of the Canadian economy. Along with being an essential resource, Potash provides Canada with career opportunities and educational investment while fueling economic growth.

Canada was the leader in worldwide potash production in 2021 with 22.5+ million metric tonnes of potash produced that year, according to the Government of Canada, accounting for 31.3 per cent of total global production – Canada is the world’s largest exporter of potash.

As a result, operating businesses employ thousands within the Canadian potash sector and invest millions in research and development of energy efficient and low carbon technologies, education and training, and diversity and inclusion initiatives while providing grants and scholarships to those entering the industry.

The province of Saskatchewan directly employs over 6,000 people in the industry and offers the largest potash resources in the world. In fact, Saskatchewan has enough potash to meet global demand for hundreds of years. In addition, people across Canada research, engineer, develop and create technologies utilized within the industry, from carbon-reducing technologies to material production for equipment and manufacturing, Canada as whole benefits extensively from potash production.

All Systems Go.

Welco plays an integral role in support and service of the potash industry. With a deep understanding of operational requirements, Welco supplies and services mines in Canada backed by technical experts and engineers with critical components on site, ready to ship when and where needed. In addition, Welco employs Canadians across western Canada and actively invests in trade shows, annual meetings, educational training and more. We understand the benefit of the Canadian Mining industry and the importance of sustainable resource development and we’re here to support it.

Potash and the future

By working together, investing in, and supporting the future of the potash industry, we, as Canadians, can continue to lead the globe in responsible and reliable production. The importance of potash can’t be understated as an essential resource and economic driver and Welco is proud to be a part of this incredible industry. 

We can’t survive without food and water and potash is a critical ingredient in the production of those commodities… that’s the Power of Potash.

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