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Allgaier Drying and Cleaning Drums TRH

The MOZER® drum dryer system is a simple and effective solution for cleaning stone.

These MOZER® drum driers is used in minerals, sand, ores, coal, clay, chemicals, organic and waste recycling industries.

Allgaier Drum Driers
Allgaier Drying and Grinding TTM

Allagier's TTM combined drums are available in both single-shell and double-shell versions.

The type RKT rotary drum cooler is suitable for very hot products up to approx. 1100 °C, while the KTR model is designed for cooling hot, powdery products in the temperature range of up to 300°C.

Allgaier Indirect Rotary Drum Cooler Type
Allgaier Granulation and Coating Drums

This Allgaier system produces granules from powders and cakes, such as fertilizers, lime, bentonite and clay. It can also be used for coating applications (potash and urea) 

Allgaier's TK and TK+ are ideal for free-flowing bulk materials that are relatively insensitive in thermal and mechanical terms (i.e. gravel, silica sand, natural sand, crushed limestone.)

Allgaier Drum Driers Coolers TK and TK+
Allgaier Fluidized Bed Spray Granulators

Allgaier's continuous spray granulation dryers are used to obtain solid, dust-free granular material from fluid precursors such as suspensions and solutions.

Allgaier's suspension and paste dryers can be used to homogenize and dry suspensions, challenging pastes, or solid filter cakes and process them into powders.

Allgaier Suspension and Paste Drier
Allgaier Dispersion Drier

Allgaier's dispersion dryers are perfect for handling fine powders that have a very high moisture content.

Allgaier's vibration dryers are available as continuous or batch dryers. As vibration dryers/coolers, they are ideal for adjusting to the specific properties of the materials being processed and the process control system being used.

Allgaier Vibration Driers and Coolers
Allgaier Granulator for Filter Cake

The special design of this granulator means it is capable of treating thixotropic filter cake in such a way that it neither liquefies nor causes clogging.

Allgaier's fluidized bed dryers and coolers are used in a broad range of process engineering applications to handle solids and liquids, and are primarily recommended to fully developed process solutions with production parameters that are constant.

Allgaier Fluidized Bed Driers and Coolers
Allgaier Rolling Bed Drier

The Allgaier rolling bed dryer combines the advantages of drum dryer systems and fluidized bed dryer systems. Primarily used in the dry wood chip and organic waste industries.